2018-07-19T13:45:51.000-07:00July 19 2018, at 01:45 PM PDT, Seterria Anderson said:

Attire for Conditioning Camp Day #3:

Shorts, Shirt and Cleats

Please remember to bring at least 2 bottles of water.

We will have a small concession stand available with the following:
Water $1
Gatorade $1
Pickle $1

2016-06-27T18:57:41.000-07:00June 27 2016, at 06:57 PM PDT, Seterria Anderson said:

Hey Bulls and Belles Family!! Plz remember we have a Facebook page. Just request to join the Group. The title is Beaumont Bulls & Belles. The icon is a football with a green background. Thanks!!

2016-04-05T20:04:45.000-07:00April 05 2016, at 08:04 PM PDT, Seterria Anderson said:

When coming to Smith Middle School for the Make Up Sizing day, please park on Carlisle St. and enter thru the side door. Thanks!!

2015-06-18T11:18:15.000-07:00June 18 2015, at 11:18 AM PDT, Seterria Anderson said:

Hello Bulls Family!!
FYI: The 2015 Team Rosters with name and jersey #'s has been posted under the tab "2015 Team Rosters" Thanks!!

2015-06-07T11:26:37.000-07:00June 07 2015, at 11:26 AM PDT, Seterria Anderson said:

Today, Belles Mandatory Meeting Only!! We will discuss our upcoming season, fundraisers and competitions. If you need to bring birth certificates, pay balances or fundraiser fees, you can do so today as well. Thanks!!

2015-06-03T08:04:44.000-07:00June 03 2015, at 08:04 AM PDT, Seterria Anderson said:

Can't wait until our exciting season starts!! We are currently looking for volunteers!! If you or any teenagers seeking volunteer hours are interested, please let me know!! We will be glad to have you!!

2015-05-07T14:43:47.000-07:00May 07 2015, at 02:43 PM PDT, Seterria Anderson said:

Our New Open Registration date is less than a week away!! We will be at Fuddruckers from 6pm-9pm on Monday, May 11th!! Thank!!

2014-11-24T14:52:18.000-08:00November 24 2014, at 02:52 PM PST, Seterria Anderson said:

If you missed our Awesome Bnaquet, I have your players trophy. Please get in contact with me by phone or email so you can come and pick it up.

Seterria Anderson
(409) 553-6164

2014-10-09T20:03:07.000-07:00October 09 2014, at 08:03 PM PDT, Seterria Anderson said:

We are selling Banquet tickets Now!! Please stop by at practice to purchase!! The banquet is Monday, November 17, 2014 at 6pm. Location is Cathedral of Faith B.C. Thanks!!

2014-08-08T13:08:08.000-07:00August 08 2014, at 01:08 PM PDT, Seterria Anderson said:

Bulls Punt Pass & Kick Competition Fundraiser is Saturday, August 9, 2014 from 830am-11am. We will be at our West Brook practice fields on Manion. See ya'll there!!